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 As I am always saying that internet is all about for reading and writing purpose. Blog is like a weblog” or website where content is displayed in reverse chronological order (means a blog writer posted some entries which is visible in middle section of blog with entry detail in reverse order “latest post at first no.”)

A blog is like a dairy where a blog user can post anything related to his knowledge, interest, ideas, education etc. A blog having many features like allow to other user for commenting, like, sharing and bookmarking.

A Blog is a combination of text, image, videos, audio, slides and links. Most of the blogs focused on a particular topic like photography, jokes, fun, technology, business and many more.

Blog service provider allows many features to its user to maintain decorate and add applications in blogs. The main features are described bellow which is provided by bloggers.

1. A Blog allow users to write a post.
2. A user can add upto 10 pages in a blog.
3. User can choose own CSS template or select templates provided by blogger & other free template provider.
4. User can add iframe in blog.
5. User can add Google Analytics code in blog.
6. User can use Java/HTML for better feel and look.
7. User can use many other applications provided by bloggers and accepted by blogger.

There are many other features provided by bloggers like.
 1. Archives
 2. Feed
 3. Labels
 4. Managing Comments (Moderation)
 5. Absence On Blog

 Most Popular Blogs Services Are:
The list of features is much large, I will post my article latter related to these features with full detail.