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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How To Optimize An E-Commerce Website

First i would like to clear that there are a big difference between non-profit website (like a community/forum/or just a informative site) and e-commerce website.

E-Commerce website is like a showroom, where a businessman represents its products/services/requirement in their website. There are lots of basic things which may affects your site promotion in positive way or in negative way. For E-Commerce site promotion you have to prepare himself that instead of keyword stuffing you have to ready to provide real and trustworthy information in your website. I am explaining here Do's and Don't things, by which you can make and promote an e-commerce site in better way.

Do's & Don't :

1. Do not use keywords or product name which is not offered by you. (many time webmasters uses a set of keyword to promote a e-commerce site, which is actually not in business stock) for example a business man deals in "Banarasi Saree" but a webmasters uses set of keywords like "silk saree, printed sare...etc to coming on search result on that keyword... but actually business man not deals when a Buyers come to your website with "Stuffed keyword" you may loss a buyer trust, if they not found that product on your catalog.

2. Do not use wrong company detail : Many time a business man uses wrong information like Wrong ISO certification detail, Business Type, No Of Employees, Establishment Date, Turn Over..and many more which defines business status. Please provide accurate detail and provide PDF or attachment of certification for more trust.

3. Grouped your products in a category : Always make your site in good structure, categorized same products in a group. Give a common name to that group which suites these products. For example if client having large range of sarees like "silk saree, banarasi saree, embroidered saree, printed saree" then grouped and categorized these saree and give a name to this group which suites to all these products.

4. Give good description to your products : Always give good description with specifications includes information like "raw material used, available in colors, size, warranty etc.

5. Use HD Image for products: Use good images to represent your products, image should not be blured, it should be your own (do not copy from other resource)

6. Give all available payment option : Give all possible payment option in your business catalog, it may helpful for buyer who want to trade with you. Do not give wrong information always provide working and accurate payment detail.

7. Use Unique Content For Your Website: This is very important factor, do not copy product and profile information from any other resource.

8. If you are a manufacturer, then mention your product manufacturing process, you should upload a video also. It may helpful for buyer to understand your business.

9. If you are an exporter, then mention your "Major Market"

10. If you have any list of your share that list on your business catalog.

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