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Social Bookmarking


Today most of the people in the world are spending much time on internet. Web world is all about reading, writing and sharing.

Every people came on internet reads and writes anything which is they wants and shared it to own friend circle. Actually on internet there are lots of contents (websites/forum/networks) related to your interest and may be many of content will be become your favorite.  So that here a concept of bookmarking is developed.

Assume you are a internet user and your interest is reading or writing on information technology then you must be interested in joining forum and network related to Information technology and I am sure you must be interested in surfing blogs, websites and many more web places where your topic is discussed or updated.

The concept of Bookmarking related to the service providing you the place where you can add or save any web content as a virtual memory and will be access from any computer over the world by accessing internet bookmarking service.

Bookmarking is a totally free service provided by the bookmarking sites. There are lots of sites which provided free bookmarking service to users, where user can add any website into provided profile.

Apart from users benefit its also beneficial for that website which is bookmarked by you. Actually the more bookmarking of any web pages is increases the more popularity to search engines.

Its also beneficial for web pages on the SEO point of view,  because if any web page is bookmarked by any user in bookmarking site then a back link gained by bookmarking site to that web pages which is benefitted by search engine and may be increased the SERP.

The Most Usefull & Popular Social Bookmarking Sites Are:







Also there are other many of bookmarking site which is usefull for your website and you.Its approximate 100+ site which is not possible to mention here, so if you want that list then you may contact us or mail us @ my mail id
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