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Saturday, February 18, 2012

10 Easy Steps To Optimize A Web Page

10 Easy Steps To Optimize / Promote A Web Page. (like
Step - 1 : Give A Best Title To That Page in Title tag.

Step - 2 : Give A Specific File Name For That Page (if you want to optimize "SEO Service", then file name should be as seo-service.html)

Step - 3 : Write a good description in Meta description tag

Step - 4 : make a set of keyword phrase related to that services / product like seo service, best seo service, seo service india, cheap seo service etc.

Step - 5 : make a good product / service page including all details of that service/product such as detail of product/service, product/service specification, product/service use, industry, cost, benefits, product/service images, offers and all possible detail.

Step - 6 : make sure content should not copied from other websites, write own content.

Step - 7 : use anchor text within content.

Step - 8 : user breadcrumbs (navigation) on your page.

Step - 9 : Get back link from other sources like classifieds site, directory site, article site, and other same industry page to your page, its is best to use anchor text on other source to bet links to your web page. For example if you want to optimize a page via keyword "SEO Service" then you need to use "SEO Service" keyword as anchor text on other site and link to your specific page.

Step-10 : Use social media like facebook, twitter, google plus etc to broadcast your service/ product.

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