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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Changes In Blog Domain changes the blog domain according to country domain 

The domain changes apply in Australia, New Zealand and India, in future may be google plans to apply it on globally for all country.
Under the changed system, a blog will redirected to country domain if you open the original url. It means a blogger user based on india server will automatically directed them to Google believes this will help to audit the content according to local law.

Google also provide the option to user for "No Country Redirect" via using /ncr it means if we want read a blog via a US web address users outside America would type ""

These changes may effects several things in the term of your blog promotion and political system

Effects on Page Rank : The big & bad effect of changes is the page ranks of blog turns to "Zero". You can see currently redirected blog have no PR. In future (i dont know) may be the page rank will updated (Hope so). 

Blog Can Easily Identified : By this change any blog can easily identified, and we can easily known about bloggers belongs to whom country.

Conclusion: I would like to recommend you to move to custom domain. If you choose custom domain then you will have full control on your blog. And no one can  delete or make any changes to your blog.

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  1. blog also got unranked.. my confused to work on my blog or not... :(


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