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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Google Maps Optimization

If you are a business owner or a business representative then you should know about Google Maps. Google Maps is a application technology developed by google, its a very useful application and now much popular on mobile device also. Its also used in a car and byke.

Google Maps is a technology application by which you can see and you can track yourself on local street. As its a helpful to find location so you should notice this service for your business. Google Maps service is offered by google to internet user and allows to map your business manually on this application.

The good google maps submission gives you good SERP, so you should follow the right way to submit your business on google maps. Before submission you should check your business on google maps, may be your business is already mapped on this application !!! don'nt worry you still claimed your business. Actually many street location already picked by google authority, google maps team already worked on this. But such listing is not verified by owner, if your listing is already coming you can claim that listing or you can left as it is. But i would recommend you to claim that listing. Because unclaimed google maps is not gived full information and not good optimized, by claiming the listing you can optimized your google maps in right way.

For good google maps entry you have to follow mention points...

1. Use business name only and do not use your primary keyword "Business Name Section" : When you fill in the Google Maps listing page, never use your primary keyword in the business/company name.

2. Use local phone number with city code : While putting the phone number in Google listings, never use a toll free number, in order to get high rankings in Google, always use a local phone number related to your address.

3. Use the same address and phone number in your website : It is recommend that you should use the same address, pin code and phone number in the website contact page or any page in your website that you use in Google Places.

4. Images : Google places gives you options to add up to 10 images. There are few things to note before uploading the image:

  • The first image should be your logo with extension jpeg or png and size 290 x 290 pixels.
  • The name of the all the images you upload should be your primary and secondary keywords. So, if you 10 images, you can use upto 10 keywords.
  • Always remember that Google by default chooses the first uploaded image and displays it in Google SERPs, so I recommend to use your logo as first image.
5. Categories : While listing your business in Google Places never use keywords in the category. Always choose the best category that suits your business and never use keywords.

6. Get star ratings on Google SERPs : It requires minimum of 5+ reviews for Google to display star ratings. So, get at least 5 reviews as quickly as possible so that Google shows up the star ratings.

6. Reviews : Reviews are very important factor in Google Places rankings, it is must that you ask your clients to review your business on Google. Ask them to write a detailed review.  If they are already reading your blog, do not be bashful about asking people to share their experiences. The more good ratings you will get, the more good rankings you will get. Always remember that ask your clients to write a detailed review and the review should not be of 1-2 lines. Ask them to use your primary keyword in the review.

7. Also get reviews from : It is highly recommend that you also get reviews from following 7 websites. Google also checks these websites while rankings Google Places listing.

City Search
Insider Pages
Service Magic
Angie‟s List
Judy‟s Book


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