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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do You Know About Traffic Faker

Today i would like to discuss about "Traffic Faker". I think most of reader is unknown to this technique or confused about this. You may think the traffic faker is a spammer who submit anything on various sites to get traffic, but i want to say you thinking wrong. Traffic Faker is not about a spammer as you think. Let me describe the term "Traffic Faker".

Before describing i must want to say that this techniques is most beneficial for profile site/social media site/bookmarking site and may be for any other site.

Traffic Faker is a url harvesting application/software which is provided by software developer. the main concept behind this application is its gives referral to other site without clicking or visiting, by this a web manager of that site think this site is good for promotion purpose and visit your site to know how a referral comes and then created profile on your site and they must interested in your site for promotional activity.
The good thing is that the referral comes by this s/w is not tracked by google and every time IP is different. So that here very complicated to know the coming referral is a fake referral.

The referral faker software loads url file and one by one processes the url and sending fake visitor hits with your pre defined url (basically its your own website link) and leaving a footprint of this URL in its traffic stats and the web. 

This is a quick, efficient and effective way of getting your site or product known all over the internet. When a webmaster or a user sees your URL in their traffic tracking logs(In Google Analytic)  then they will often click on the link to see what and how your website is linking to theirs. In turn this leads to traffic for your product or website. 

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