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Monday, September 5, 2011

Facebook Launch New Features In Various Section

After the launch of new social media site "Google Plus". Lots of facebook users moved toword G+, due to this facebook losses many active users in last 1-2 month.

To recover and get active user, facebook developer team works hard in various points and done changes very freequently.

For providing good and new experience to users facebook introduces many new features in user interface section.It may to attracts old users and new users as well & may be bacbook maintain the first position in social media sites list.

The first main changes in "Update Status" section, here three main things is introduced.
1.You can add your friend name with your status this is caaled "Who Are You With"
2.You can also add your current location or place with your status
for example you are in Masco City you can update your status with location marker, This is called "Where Are You"
3.By third features you can customized your sharing option, you may make your status public, for friend or share that status only to perticular friend.

Second main changes in photo section.
here you can see the new look and feel, background is converted from black to white.
You can rotate your photo in 360 degree direction
Like option avalable on photo
Tag section avalable on photo.

So lets use the new features and enjoy. you can add me as a friend on facebook. My Profile : Anand Mohan Srivastava

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